Phil Rogers

Operations & Decision Modeling of Energy Problems, ASU Clinical Faculty

Following a 33-year career at Exxon Corporation, Dr. Rogers joined the University of Houston in 2003 where he taught courses in statistics, business modeling and decision making and was awarded a university-wide teaching excellence award in 2011. He began teaching at ASU in May of 2013.

During his years with Exxon, Dr. Rogers developed many sophisticated mathematical models that were used to optimize a wide variety of the Corporation’s business operations. Examples include competitive bidding strategies, scheduling of airport refueling operations, short-term borrowing strategies, optimization of worldwide product manufacturing and distribution, and the structure of catastrophic loss insurance policies.

As Manager of Operations Research for Exxon’s affiliate in Australia, Dr. Rogers built the country’s preeminent Operations Research group. In addition to multi-year assignments in London and Brussels, he served as Coordinator of all of Exxon’s worldwide Operations Research activities. In that capacity, he was responsible for the allocation of a large R&D budget, for the development of Exxon’s expert systems program, and for spreading throughout the Corporation the use of analytical techniques for production scheduling and for handling problems with multiple criteria.

Dr. Rogers also managed Treasury operations at Exxon’s corporate headquarters and held several managerial positions in Information Systems in various Exxon locations. Dr. Rogers has had varied consulting assignments with numerous client companies and has developed proprietary trading and options models.